Personal Assistance &
Special Projects

Whatever you need, we can propose a way to get it done.


Just need a right-hand man/woman? Short of Home Care and Medical Needs, we can help you with any aspect of your inhabitance in your home, or place of business, temporary, or permanent.

Special Projects

Special projects can be typical, or they can be unique to any individual. From purging unwanted collections in an attic, basement or barn, to restoring that old car. We can get it done. Maybe you've thought of inventing that widget, but never got around to it. We can do it. Maybe you want to finish that memoir, but just need help with editing and organizing your writings. We can help you. Tell us what you need from us and we'll outline steps to get it done!


Let's face it, life can be a road that is paved with good intentions. Follow-through is the destination that is reached, and everything that we set out to do, we accomplish it. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied with the results. Whatever you need in assistance, our goal is to see that your needs get met in a timely fashion, or according to the schedule that you set.

We'll be your Right-hand Man!

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